Common Plumbing Issues to Look For

Common Plumbing Issues to Look For

Keeping an eye out for plumbing issues and seeking repairs when necessary will keep your system operating at its full potential. Foul smells emitting from your plumbing system are one of the most obvious signs something is wrong. However, other seemingly insignificant plumbing issues can be a sign of more serious plumbing problems. Keep reading to learn more about the three common plumbing issues you should be aware of, so they don’t harm your system.

3 Common Plumbing Issues to Look For

Our Hobson AC experts compiled a list of three common plumbing issues to look out for. Common issues like a clogged drain, backed-up sink, and plumbing leaks can lead to or be indicative of a bigger plumbing tribulation. 

1- Clogged Drain

It’s easy to be presented with a clogged drain in your plumbing system. In your kitchen, it’s common for food debris and grease to get stuck in your sink’s drain. When it comes to your shower drain, it usually accumulates hair and soap scum. Clogged drain issues are especially dangerous because one clogged drain can spread and cause all your drains to overflow. Our plumbing services can help relieve your clogged drain with a snake system or drain clearing chemicals.

2- Backed Up Sink

Compounding on your clogged drain issues, drain obstructions can lead to a backed-up sink. When your sink backs up and fills with stagnant water, it can release foul-smelling odors and attract flies. Experiencing a backed-up sink in your kitchen impedes your ability to prepare food and wash dishes effectively. In the bathroom, a backed-up sink can stop you from brushing your teeth properly and presents an added danger around your electrical appliances.

3- Plumbing Leaks

Even small plumbing leaks can quickly accumulate hundreds of dollars worth of water waste. If you notice a foul odor, bulging and discolored parts of your wall, and a sudden increase in your monthly utility bills, you likely have a leak present in your plumbing system. Plumbers can identify sewer leak positions through the smoke testing and pipe camera inspections.

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What Causes an AC Unit Not to Blow Cool Air

What Causes an AC Unit Not to Blow Cool Air

When your air conditioner unit stops blowing cool air, it can be a frustrating experience that makes you question why it’s malfunctioning. However, the answer to why your HVAC system is spouting warm air is a bit more complicated. After all, there are various reasons your air conditioner may have given up on its daily duties. Our experts at Hobson AC, compiled a list of five reasons your AC unit is not blowing cool air and how to fix it.

5 Reasons Your AC Unit Is Not Blowing Cool Air

If your unit is failing to blow cool air, you may have a broken AC, your system could likely need air filter replacements, your AC condenser coil may be clogged, you could be experiencing a leak, or your AC thermostat may be the root of your problem. Keep reading to learn more about each issue and what you should do if you encounter it.

1- You Have a Broken AC

Major broken components in your air conditioning system can lead to full AC failure. If youe AC is over 10 years of age it can be a sign that your AC has reached the end of its lifespan naturally, it can also be caused by exterior damage to your AC unit. When your system experiences full failure, it may fail to stay on or turn on at all, or it may continue running when you attempt to turn it off. You can attempt repairs to fix the issue, but getting fast affordable repair or replacement is the answer

2- Your System Needs Air Filter Replacement

Opposite to a full AC replacement, an air filter replacement is one of the easiest and most straightforward repairs. When your AC system’s filter is clogged with dirt, dust, and debris that it removed from your circulating air, this can cause airflow issues in your system. Airflow negatively impacts refrigerant delivery, leaving your system to freeze up and your home to get hot. To fix this issue, it’s important to schedule seasonal maintenance to keep your unit clean and effective.

3- Your AC Condenser Coil is Clogged

Similar to dirty air filters, clogged condenser coils stop your unit’s refrigerant from performing its duties correctly. When this happens, hot, dirty air is trapped in your system and circulates back into your home. Your condenser coil should be checked at least once a year to ensure it remains clean. Its components are easiest to maintain during your annual AC tune-up.

4-You Have a Leaking AC Unit

A leaky AC unit can also explain your system’s refrigerant-related issues. If your system is suffering from low Freon, it will blow hot air out of its vents. Professional refrigerant top-off services will fix your low Freon problem.

5- AC Thermostat Not Working

Is your AC thermostat not working properly? Sometimes the cause behind warm air isn’t a major issue in your AC system. A broken or faulty thermostat can alter your intended temperature, sending warm air into your home instead of cool. Replacing your thermostat can restore your cool air.

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Hobson AC offers reliable AC repair services in Dallas-Fort Worth, TX. We value safety and quality customer service, conducting all our jobs to code and with a friendly attitude.

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Key Steps for Conserving Energy in Your Home

Key Steps for Conserving Energy in Your Home

Most of us would probably agree that it’s important to do what we can to protect our environment. After all, it’s the only one we have, and it not only has to be there for us, it has to be there for generations to come. The nice thing is, we can accomplish that goal while also saving money, and saving money is probably on everyone’s list of good things as well. Here are a few things you can do to make your home more energy efficient, save money, and help the environment at the same time.

Attic and Window Sealing

One of the first things you need to do is have your home inspected so potential problem areas can be identified. Hobson AC has trained professionals ready to do just that, so give us a call. We’ll make sure your heating or cooling isn’t escaping through your attic or windows. If it is, you’re basically wasting loads of energy, and that amounts to throwing your hard-earned money away. It is quite literally going out your window.

Your heating/cooling bill is probably higher than it should be if you don’t have the recommended insulation thickness in your attic. The insulation material itself can be the wrong type, deteriorated, or in need of replacement. Not only will fixing this problem save you money, it ensures your family is breathing cleaner air instead of the dust and other debris residing in your attic. Windows that aren’t tightly sealed can not only let your heating or cooling escape, they allow dust and allergens to find their way into your home when the wind is blowing.

Duct Work

Properly sealed ducts in your home will not only decrease the leakage of air used to either heat or cool your home, but they will also ensure that harmful toxins are released outside. Appliances such as water heaters, clothes dryers, and furnaces release combustion gases, like carbon monoxide, through their ventilation systems. Ductwork leakage can cause back drafting, resulting in these gases to be drawn back into the living space. These gases, as well as dust particles that enter your duct system, can aggravate asthma and allergy symptoms as well.

Heating and AC Units

Keeping your heating and air conditioning unit properly maintained means it will be doing the best possible job for you whether it’s winter or summer. In addition, you can investigate the addition of solar panels to help reduce your energy usage. Trees can also shade your home from the direct rays of the sun in summer, and placing your air conditioning unit in a shaded area will help reduce strain on the unit when it is running. Changing out your lighting to fluorescent or LED lights can help reduce your energy usage as well.

As we mentioned earlier, an energy audit is the first step. Identify potential problems and fix them. An energy efficient home makes your utility bills go down, and you’re helping the environment as well. Who could ask for a better outcome? Call Hobson AC for your energy audit now!

Questions to Ask HVAC Technicians Before Hiring

Questions to Ask HVAC Technicians Before Hiring

We live in a remarkable age in which much of the information we’re looking for is readily available with a simple browser search. Unfortunately, when it comes to HVAC services, you need to know more than just who’s out there in the business. You need far more detailed information because the company you select is going to come into your home, and they’re assuming responsibility for your safety and comfort. For something that important, you want the assurance of getting the best there is.

With that in mind, here are some questions you should ask your HVAC service technician BEFORE work is done on you system.

What Kind of Experience Do You Have?

You need to ask your technicians about their experience in the art and science of repairing HVAC systems. Experience and training allows technicians to specialize in different tasks. Your technician should be able to focus on every component of the HVAC system, and that includes the main system, the vents, the ductwork, electrical wiring, clogs, and much more.

Are the Technicians Licensed?

Always choose a company that only employs licensed and qualified technicians to provide customers the best HVAC maintenance and repair services available at the most affordable prices. They will give your needs, requirements, and budget the appropriate consideration when they recommend a course of action. They’ll also be able to implement the solution effectively.

Does The Company Offer Emergency Services?

Problems with HVAC systems aren’t limited to regular business hours. The company you choose must have high-quality emergency HVAC installation, repair, and replacement services. It should be available whenever you need help no matter when that may be. A company that has been in business in the same community for many years has managed to do so by providing help on your schedule, not theirs. Companies like that believe in building strong relationships with their customers, and they will continue to take care of you far into the future.

What Kind of Services are Offered?

The company you select should offer all the services you might possibly need. That way you don’t end up calling for help it can’t provide. It should provide repair services, but it should also provide preventive services and share advice and tips for keeping your system in good working order between visits. Ask about the services the company provides. Do they check shut-off valves? Do they check hot water radiators? Do they clean heating registers, vents, and ducts? Your HVAC system is a complex system, and it requires a company capable of meeting the challenges of keeping it working for you. You also deserve a company concerned with your best interests.

Do You Run Background Checks on Technicians?

When you invite someone into your home, you have to know that person is a trustworthy individual. Before you schedule any sort of appointment with a company, ask if background checks are completed on their technicians and other representatives. Do they perform regular and unscheduled drug tests? Do they pay attention to the reviews customers give on the people they send to your home. Check its references and the comments of former customers. You need to be comfortable in the knowledge that the company you call cares about you enough to go the extra mile in ensuring your family’s safety.

Seven Ways to Save on Energy Costs This Winter

Seven Ways to Save on Energy Costs This Winter

No matter what is going on in the world when winter arrives, one thing is certain. It’s going to be cold in North Texas. Staying safe and warm inside your home takes on more and more importance as the mercury drops on the thermometer, and we all tend to push the numbers up a bit on the thermostat to accommodate the chill in the air. It’s an important time to start watching your utility bill as well, because if it rises as well, you may want to take measures to get it back under control.

Luckily, there are some inexpensive things you can do to lower costs. Here are seven you can keep in mind.

1 – Turn it off.

When you’re not using an appliance, turn it off. Be aware that some electronic devices may continue to drain electricity even when they’re not turned on. Unplug them if possible. When you’re not using a room, turn off the lights.

2 – Close the door.

If you’re not using a room, close the door. This will help the rest of the house stay warm longer.

3 – Embrace solar power.

You don’t have to install solar panels to take advantage of the sun’s heat. If you have windows facing the sun, open the curtains or blinds, and let the sun shine in. Likewise, close then again when the sun is not shining in as this will help your home retain its warmth.

4 – Clear the vents.

Check the vents in your home. If they are blocked by furniture, curtains, or other objects, they’re not able to circulate air properly. Intake vents should also be cleaned regularly because they can become dirty when they pulled air into your heating system.

5 – Shower responsibly.

Sure, it can feel wonderful to stand in the shower for lengthy periods of time, but that time spent is also driving up your utility bills. Showers make up two-thirds of a home’s water heating costs. Shortening your shower can lower your bill when it comes around. For best results, keep your shower time as close to five minutes as possible. Encourage your family to do the same.

6 – Dress warmly.

Wear warm and comfortable clothes when you’re in the house. You don’t have to act as if there’s an arctic blizzard going on outside (unless there is, of course). Long sleeves can do wonders for retaining your body heat. That will help you keep the thermostat set a little lower.

7 – Reverse the rotation of your ceiling fans.

If you use ceiling fans in the summer to circulate the air and keep cool, odds are you’ll use them in the winter as well. In the summer, they blow air down to help your body stay cool. When winter arrives, there is a switch on the fan that reverses the flow so it’s pulling air upward. Make sure it’s turned off first so your hand isn’t hit by the moving fan blades.

How to Save Money on Home Cooling

How to Save Money on Home Cooling

Saving on Cooling Costs

It can be alarming getting that first energy bill after using your AC each year. Although advancements in technology have allowed newer systems to be much more energy-efficient, air conditioners are still major energy consumers.

There are many strategies, some more effective than others, that can help save money over the summer while still keeping you comfortable.

Preventative Maintenance

One of the most effective ways to cut down on energy is to improve the efficiency of your air conditioning system.

Have you changed or cleaned your air filters recently? Dirty filters are a common culprit of reduced efficiency. When dust and debris collect in the filter, it gets clogged and hinders airflow. This makes your air conditioner work harder, costing you more money in energy costs.

While you’re cleaning your air filters, wipe down your outside unit as well (after you’ve turned it off) and clear out any debris that may be blocking airflow. This will also help improve efficiency for your system!

Getting your AC tuned up every season is also crucial for achieving peak performance and efficiency. Not only does a tune-up help your system start the season out at an optimal level, but you’ll prevent sudden issues that could cost you more money to fix down the road.

Behavioral Changes

Some of the techniques for reducing cooling costs have nothing to do with your air conditioning! Reducing heat-related activities will keep your home temperature down, and therefore reduce the need for the AC to constantly run.

If you love cooking, try using the grill as much as you can. Or, use smaller appliances like a slow cooker, toaster oven, or air fryer instead of an oven. Keep your blinds and curtains closed as much as you can, too, since the sun will warm your home very quickly.

In terms of your thermostat, it can be difficult to know what the best temperature is. Whatever you have on now, try turning it up a few degrees. If it gets a bit stuffy, use some fans to make it feel cooler. Fans won’t change the temperature, but the movement of air will certainly make you feel better.

Structural Changes

If you’re looking to improve your air conditioning efficiency, you can’t go wrong with upgrading to a new unit. Every year, the latest models improve on years past in all aspects — efficiency, performance, noise, and lifespan.

If your AC is over 10 years old, you are probably wasting money on an inefficient system. Plus, around this time is when units start to fail, and you don’t want to be stuck without an AC if something goes wrong.

Another way to reduce your air conditioning costs is by switching over to a smart thermostat. Smart thermostats take the guesswork and manual labor out of managing your thermostat. If you’re still working with an analog thermostat, it can be hard to get an exact and accurate temperature reading. Therefore, you’re likely to program the temperature to be lower than needed, which will cost you more.

A smart thermostat is a digital thermostat that you can control from your smartphone or internet-connected device. The gadget will learn your habits and adjust the temperature accordingly. You can also program the device to raise or lower the temperature when you leave for work every day. These automatic settings help your home remain at a precise temperature and reduce your cooling costs.

Industry-Leading Air Conditioning Repair & Replacement

Hobson AC is a family-run business that is here to help keep you cool all summer. Whether you want to upgrade your AC or switch to a smart thermostat, our team is on your side. Contact us today at (817) 341-5142 to learn more and make an appointment.