Recommended Thermostat Settings for Winter and Summer

Feb 3, 2022

Your air conditioning system is responsible for delivering cool air throughout your home. Thankfully, a typical HVAC system will last around 15 years before it needs to be replaced. However, it’s made up of several components that can break down along the way and shorten its lifespan. Unfortunately, catching these issues isn’t always as easy as your unit shutting off.

Sometimes symptoms pop up around or inside your home that can signal the need for repairs. So, how do you know if your AC is doing its job correctly? Our experts at Hobson AC have the answers. Keep reading to find out ways to be sure your AC is maximizing its efficiency.

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3 Common Signs Your AC Isn’t Working Correctly

If you notice these common signs your AC isn’t working correctly, you should call a professional HVAC technician to inspect and repair or replace your system:

  • Warm air
  • Irregular cooling cycles
  • Foul odors

Warm Air

Warm air can mean several things in the AC world. While it may be an easy repair like restoring your fan or fixing thermostat functions, it can also signal the need for serious repairs like managing refrigerant leaks and electrical wiring in your HVAC system. Serious issues should be handled by professionals because electricity and chemicals are dangerous and can be deadly.

Irregular Cooling Cycles

The size of your unit can impact its cooling cycles. While an AC unit being too small for a room or home is a problem, one that is too big also causes issues. A unit that is too large for your home will shut off before a full cooling cycle is up because it reaches the intended temperature too quickly. This allows the room to heat back up before the next cooling cycle starts.

Irregular cooling cycles can also be due to a safety feature on your unit. A modern HVAC system may cut a cooling cycle if it detects voltage that is too high, in order to protect you and your family from electrical fires. Window air conditioners are often sold in 110-volt models, while central air systems need double the power to operate. 

Foul Odors

Depending on which strange smells your AC unit is emitting, it can mean different issues. Musty odors that have a hint of woodiness often signal mold or mildew growing in your unit, while a dirty sock smell likely indicates the need for a filter change. However, some odors can be dangerous, like a gas smell.

If you smell gas in your home or coming from your air conditioning system, you should open as many windows as you can and quickly call your local fire department to inspect your home for a potential gas leak. Gas leaks can poison humans and animals and cause fires in your home.

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At Hobson AC, we understand the strange symptoms your HVAC system may be experiencing. Our qualified team can handle any of your AC repair or replacement needs. Serving the Weatherford area since 1962, we are leading experts in the HVAC industry.

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If you’ve lived in Weatherford, TX, for any length of time, you know that we experience a range of weather conditions. It can be near freezing during the winter and close to 100 degrees at some points in the summer. 

Because of this, your furnace and AC both get a lot of work. As such, you may have wondered what the best thermostat settings are for your HVAC system. This article looks at some helpful tips.

What to Consider when Determining the Ideal Thermostat Settings

There is no single answer to this question. That’s because there are so many things to consider. Our recommendations address the following areas to find the best answer for you:

HVAC contractor recommendation for system longevity

Your comfort and preferences

Saving money on your utility bill

We’ll also cover some tips for ensuring that your cooling and heating services run efficiently.

HVAC Contractor Recommended Thermostat Settings

Here’s some good news: Unless you are setting your thermostat to extreme temperatures or wildly adjusting your thermostat up and down, your system should be just fine.

With that being said, there are some recommendations that most professionals do have. The first is to choose a setting for your thermostat and keep it there. Next, take a look at your fan setting. It should be set to auto to prevent it from running constantly.

Weatherford Thermostat Settings for Comfort and Preferences

When people discuss the comfort of their cooling and heating services, they tend to have some universal concerns. They want to be able to be comfortable and productive during the day. That means avoiding temperatures that are too hot or too cold. They also want to use thermostat settings that allow them to sleep at night.

Getting a Good Night of Sleep in Weatherford

The best room temperature for sleeping is between 60 and 67 degrees with light clothing and bedding. In Weatherford, your AC would work pretty hard to achieve those temperatures in the summer. However, that’s a pretty easy temperature for your heating system to handle effectively.

Please remember that this is the optimal temperature range for adults. Infants and toddlers need things to be between 65 and 70 degrees.

Setting Your Thermostat for Better Productivity

You want to get things done at home without shivering under your blankets in the winter or sweltering in front of a fan in the summer. If that’s the case, consider keeping your thermostat at about 71 degrees. 

This temperature will help you stay comfortable enough to get those little jobs done around the house. If you have a commercial space, try this thermostat setting there to see if that makes any difference.

Thermostat Settings to Lower Your Bills

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, you can adjust your thermostat to get the most economical results. They call for a wintertime setting of 68 degrees. If it’s summer, boost your thermostat to 78.

What about turning your thermostat off completely? You may consider this if you are leaving home for a longer period of time or simply if you don’t want to heat or cool an empty home while you’re away at work for the day. The answer to this question depends on a few factors. 

If it is summertime, and you don’t have any pets, then you can save money by turning off your air conditioner. However, the same doesn’t apply to your home in the winter. The risk is small, but turning off your furnace could lead to frozen or burst pipes.

You can save even more money on your bills if you adjust the temperature up or down when you leave home for a while or go to sleep. Basically, the smaller the difference is between your indoor and outdoor temperatures, the better.

Additional Tips for a Comfortable Home

There are some other things to consider when you want to set your thermostat for a comfortable, energy-efficient home. Start by taking a closer look at your thermostat. Has it outlived its usefulness? If so, you could be spending more money to heat and cool your home than you should be.

Upgrade Your Thermostat

If you upgrade to a smart thermostat, you will be able to control the temperature of your home when you aren’t there. Many Weatherford residents use their smart thermostats to adjust the temperature of their homes when they’re away to be much cooler in the winter and warmer in the summer. 

Then, they simply change to a more comfortable temperature when they are ready to return home. Lowering your thermostat by 10 to 15 degrees in the winter can save you up to 15% on your utility bills. The money you save could be worth the cost of hiring electricians to wire in your new smart thermostat.

If you don’t want to use a smart thermostat, consider upgrading to a programmable one if you haven’t already. This approach will also allow you to make those money-saving adjustments during the day.

Consistency is Key

Once you’ve chosen the right temperature for your home, try to avoid the “thermostat wars.” Constantly adjusting your thermostat up and down is bad for the thermostat and your HVAC system. Items such as fans and electric blankets can increase comfort without changing the thermostat.

Get a Professional Opinion

Your thermostat only works as well as the HVAC system it controls. That’s why it’s important to stay on top of regular maintenance and get any repairs done as soon as you notice your system isn’t working as it should. 

Our trusted HVAC technicians in Weatherford can help with services and provide other recommendations to keep your home as comfortable as possible. You can also reach out to your energy provider for additional help. They may have resources to help you weatherize your home to save money and keep the temperature where you want it.

Your Comfort Is Our Goal

You should be able to maintain a home temperature that works for your family. At Hobson AC, we’re here to help with that. Our team of HVAC professionals is here to provide any services you need, and our staff also includes professional plumbers and electricians. Schedule an appointment with Hobson AC today.


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