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Electrical Panel Upgrades near Weatherford TX

Your electric panel is the mission control for all your home electrical needs. It's important to make sure your panel is equipped to provide power to all your devices and appliances to prevent electricity disruptions. If too much electricity is sent to one circuit, a circuit breaker, is tripped in the electrical panel to prevent the wires from overloading. That's when it's time for a local electrician to ispect your ciruit breaker for safety concerns and portential upgrade needs.

Circuit Breaker Panel Box Inspection & Upgrade Services

Your panel contains a number of preventative features to keep you and your family safe. When the demand for power is greater than the panel can put out, though, it may overload and become a fire hazard.

Overloads to your panel can cause a fire, but your electrical panel prevents that from happening by breaking the circuit and regulating the amount of electricity, keeping everyone in your Weatherford, TX, home safe. The older your home is, the more likely your electrical panel will have difficulty keeping up with the increased demands on your electrical system.

We all have dozens of appliances, tablets, and cell phones drawing in electricity, as well as lights and HVAC systems.

Properly-maintained electrical panels are designed to prevent fires by breaking the circuit and regulating the amount of electricity, keeping everyone in your Weatherford, TX , home safe. That's why having the right electrical panel and scheduling routine inspections are so important.

Unless your home in Weatherford, TX, is very new, it might be time to look into electric panel upgrades. Our licensed electricians are here to ensure your home stays safely powered with electrical panel inspections, upgrades and repairs.

New Panel Being Installed

When Should I Have An Electrical Panel Upgrade?

Even when the circuit breaker panel seems to be working fine, the electrical demand could make it exceed its capacity. Instead of choosing which appliances to run, many people choose electrical panel upgrades. But when is it time to have that electrical service done?

If Your Electrical Panel Uses Fuses

Homes built before the 1960s utilize an electrical panel with fuses. However, a circuit box with fuses can’t handle the electrical demands of the modern home This type of panel can be inconvenient because you constantly have to replace burned-out fuses whenever your circuit becomes overloaded.

There's A Strange Smell Coming From Your Electrical Panel

Any strange smell, especially a burning smell, coming from your breaker box means you have old or faulty wiring. It could also be a sign that the original installer did not properly connect your equipment If you notice a smell, you should contact a professional electrician to help you identify where the smell is coming from and reduce the risk of a fire.

Lights Flicker Or Outlets Don't Work

If your lights frequently flicker off and on, it could be an indication that your panel has faulty or loose wiring. Multiple outlets not working can also be a sign of improper wiring or insufficient power. Among other benefits, electrical panel upgrades solve problems caused by faulty wiring.

You're Installing New Appliances

If you’re thinking about upgrading or installing new appliances, you should add an electrical panel upgrade to your list of things to do. New additions like ceiling fans may need more electricity, and electrical panel upgrades will help provide the power they will need.

Is It Better To Replace or Repair Your Electrical Panel?

In some circumstances, electrical panels can be repaired rather than replaced. If properly maintained, your panel can power your home for more than 25 years. When newer homes with more modern panels run into issues, a repair is usually the best, most cost-effective solution. Replacements are usually advised when a panel requires frequent repairs, is outdated or unable to meet the electrical demands of your home.

We may determine that your electrical panel needs a repair rather than an upgrade. Our electricians will work to keep your electrical panel in good shape by:

  • Replacing the circuit breaker
  • Installing and upgrading the circuit breaker
  • Rewiring the electrical panel
  • Replacing the bus bar

We will even relocate your circuit panel if there is moisture or if you have other concerns.

Electrical Safey Concerns

If you notice any signs of your panel not performing as it should, or have cause for concern that it poses a hazard, your best bet is to call an electrician. Working with electricity in any capacity should always be done with safety at the forefront. Our team has the tools and experience to diagnose any issue and determine the best route to getting your electrical panel back in working order. We'll assess the current state of the panel and offer you solutions to determine the safest route forward

Why Are Electrical Panel Inspections Important?

One of the best ways to prevent damage to your home is to have a professional inspection to ensure your electrical system is functioning at its best. Yearly inspections catch early signs of danger and keep your panel up to current electrical codes

Panel Inspections Check For:

  • Corroded, oxidized or arcing wires
  • Water leakage.
  • Insect & rodent infestation and damage
  • The structural integrity of the panel cover.
  • Proper labeling.
  • Sufficient circuit amperage.
  • Ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCIs).
  • Arc fault circuit interrupters (AFCIs).
  • And more!

Any time you have issues with your electrical panel as a homeowner, it can create feelings of panic. Hobson AC is here to ensure your panel is always operating safely and prepared to power your home for years to come

Your Go-To Electrical Panel Upgrade Company near Weatherford!

Your electrical panel is a vital part of keeping your home powered. It's important that it's working in peak condition to keep your home and family safe. When you trust Hobson AC with your electrical panel needs, we'll come prepared with the tools to diagnose and resolve any issues. This may include:

  • Replacing the circuit breaker.
  • Installing & upgrading the circuit breaker.
  • Rewiring the electrical panel.
  • Replacing the busbar.

Recognizing the signs when it's time to have electrical panel upgrades or repairs is crucial because a broken panel can be destructive to your appliances and home. We're here to make sure your home always has safe, reliable power.

Whether you're in Aledo, Azle, Granbury or beyond, we have you covered. Call us 24/7 at 817-809-9688 !

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