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Professional Drain Cleaning For Homes Near Weatherford, TX

Drains are one of the more overlooked heroes of your everyday life. While faucets and fixtures allow you to access water all over your home, drains safely and easily dispose of used water and waste. Drains can and do eventually clog up, though, causing the flow of water to slow or stop entirely. This is a frustrating problem to have to deal with, and doing it wrong can lead to recurring clogs or even drain damage. If you’re looking for experienced drain cleaning in Weatherford, call the team at Hobson AC. Our professional drain cleaning will protect your plumbing system and ensure lasting results.

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What Is Professional Drain Cleaning?

While most people know that the easiest way to get rid of a clog is to simply dislodge it, few realize that this can exacerbate the issue by pushing it further down the line. Simply poking a hole in a clog so water flows down the drain again doesn’t typically solve your problem for good. Instead, the clog remains stuck to the inside of the drain line making it possible for a blockage to reform.

Professional Drain Cleaning Removes:

  • Soap scum
  • Food waste
  • Dirt & mud
  • Solidified fat
  • Cooking oils
  • And more!

Drain cleaning ensures clogs are gone for good. Rather than just clearing away clogs and getting your drain moving again, our cleaning services scrub the walls of the drain line to remove any of the debris and grime that could recreate a clog. This process involves blasting the walls of your drain line with a high-pressure jet of water, removing the grime and debris. This process is fast, effective and proven time and time again to reduce significantly the chances of your drain clog returning anytime soon.

Do I Need Drain Cleaning?

Drain cleaning is one of the most important and overlooked plumbing tasks. Your drains can easily become clogged or damaged by tree root intrusion or blockages caused by mineral buildup, hair, soap scum, oil, grease, flushable wipes, paper towels and more. When these clogs form, your plumbing system can experience a significant amount of damage such as burst pipes, leaks, sewage backup and more. In order to prevent damage and expensive repairs, it's important to be aware of the signs that your drains need to be cleaned

You Should Schedule Drain Cleaning If:

  • Toilets frequently clog or overflow
  • The water pressure is too low.
  • Sinks or showers are clogged or slow to drain.
  • There are gurgling sounds coming from your drains.
  • There are foul sewage smells coming up from your drains.
  • There's a patch of flooded grass in your yard.

Drain cleaning will effectively blast away any buildup within your pipes, so they flow freely and your plumbing system maintains peak efficiency. Our professional services help you steer clear of harmful chemical cleaning agents that can corrode your pipes and lead to further damage. Scheduling drain cleaning with a licensed plumber ensures long-term results and protection for your plumbing system

How To Avoid The Need For Drain Cleaning

  • Consider a hair stopper. Our Weatherford specialists take hair out of shower drains regularly. Hair-stoppers are cheap pieces of plastic that go right on top of your drain to collect hair and prevent clogs
  • Put a lint trap on your washing machine’s drain line. When the washing machine cycle is finished, the dirt and debris go down your drain line and into your sewer. If you don’t have a lint trap, the particles eventually clog so the washing machine can't drain as quickly
  • Be careful about what goes down your kitchen sink. Coffee grounds, egg shells, celery, pasta, rice and bones of any kind should all be discarded in the trash can and not your garbage disposal. Fatty oils and grease should be thrown away in the trash too because they’ll latch onto your pipes and block the flow of water.
  • Rinse your drains. We think because we can’t see our drains, they don’t need a good cleaning every once in a while. For best results, combine warm water and vinegar at least once per month for your most used drains.

Put Down The Drain Cleaners

Those chemical drain cleaners you find at your local home improvement store may advertise that they will solve your drain problems, but they’re usually far more trouble than they let on. These caustic drain-cleaning substances eat away at your pipes, creating weak points or even leaks that allow sewage and grime to spill back out and damage your home. These toxic substances are also harmful and can cause severe burns if touched by bare skin. Save yourself the hassle and put away the drain cleaners; call the team at Hobson AC instead!

Say Goodbye To Clogs with Hobson Plumbers

At Hobson AC, we know the ins and outs of drains. We know what causes them to back up or clog, and we know how to eliminate these clogs for good so you don't have to stress about plumbing problems. Using the latest tools, our drain clog pros quickly tackle whatever blockage you might have, wherever it might be. We do so in a way that is safe for your home, safe for your plumbing and won’t cause further damage or recurrent issues. From your bathroom and kitchen to your laundry room and more, count on us to make sure your drains move smoothly and flow properly.

When you have a stubborn clog, we'll be here 24/7 at 817-809-9688 to help!

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