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Weatherford Generator Installation & Repair

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Backup generators are an invaluable resource to have when the power goes out. When severe weather knocks down transmission lines, grid failures bring down service to wide areas, or even an unexpected surge causes immense damage to electrical equipment, a backup generator can keep you supplied with a limited amount of power that keeps your life on track. And with how dependent we are on electricity in our day to day lives, losing access to electrical power can be more than just an inconvenience—it can be disastrous. At Hobson AC, we make it our goal to ensure you never lose access to power through a high-quality backup generator setup. From configuring your home to run on generator power to outfitting you with a full-fledged emergency system, you can count on our Weatherford electricians to get the job done.

Learn more about installing a generator system in your home by calling the Weatherford electrical experts at Hobson AC! Dial (817) 341-5142 today.

What Generator Is Right for You?

Generators come in a wide variety of different styles, sizes, and functions. Some are small, convenient, and can be easily moved from place to place. Others are significantly larger, heavier, and impractical or impossible to move at all. Different generators also produce different amounts of power, and that means they burn various amounts of fuel and have differing price tags. At Hobson AC, we make it easy to sort through the confusion and make the best decision for your emergency power services.

Our Weatherford generator installation team will work with you to help you understand what you’re looking for, including what size of generator is best for you, what type of generator will fit your needs, and what your home will need in order to best take advantage of it. We can even work with you to teach you how to properly fire up and configure your generator so your emergency power will be as safe as possible.


Portable Generators

Portable generators are designed to be moved from place to place. Generally powered by a small gasoline engine, these generators are ideal for those who would like to be able to power an RV or trailer but wouldn’t mind using their generator in a pinch to power their home. Portable generators are typically smaller (though not always) and thus have a smaller output capacity than other larger types of generators, so you shouldn’t plan on powering your entire home with one.

Standby Generators

Standby generators are always “on standby” for your Weatherford home, and that means they are always ready to turn on and fire up at a moment’s notice. This comes with one significant change: standby generators are always connected and cannot be moved or easily relocated. But this permanent connection offers you the benefit of never having to worry about refueling your generator. This is because most standby generators run on a natural gas or propane connection from your home, meaning they can run almost indefinitely.

Standby generators are by far the bigger investment when compared to a portable generator, but their size and output make up for this difference in cost. Whereas most portable generators are going to be too small to provide your home with enough energy for all of your needs and appliances, a standby generator will be more likely to do it. Be sure to consult with a Weatherford electrical expert about what size generator you need before making your choice in order to make sure you’re getting one that will provide you with the power output you are looking for. With a sufficiently large unit, you may be able to continue living your life at home without interruption during an extended power outage.

Preparing Your Weatherford Property

Does your home have the necessary equipment to safely utilize a generator during an outage? Many older homes may not have the features you need. The Weatherford generator installation pros at Hobson AC can outfit your home with the necessary tools and features for generator operation, and they can even help you learn to safely hook up your generator to your home during an outage.

We’re prepared to help you with all of your Weatherford generator repair needs! Contact Hobson AC to find out more today.

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