Questions to Ask HVAC Technicians Before Hiring

Questions to Ask HVAC Technicians Before Hiring

We live in a remarkable age in which much of the information we’re looking for is readily available with a simple browser search. Unfortunately, when it comes to HVAC services, you need to know more than just who’s out there in the business. You need far more detailed information because the company you select is going to come into your home, and they’re assuming responsibility for your safety and comfort. For something that important, you want the assurance of getting the best there is.

With that in mind, here are some questions you should ask your HVAC service technician BEFORE work is done on you system.

What Kind of Experience Do You Have?

You need to ask your technicians about their experience in the art and science of repairing HVAC systems. Experience and training allows technicians to specialize in different tasks. Your technician should be able to focus on every component of the HVAC system, and that includes the main system, the vents, the ductwork, electrical wiring, clogs, and much more.

Are the Technicians Licensed?

Always choose a company that only employs licensed and qualified technicians to provide customers the best HVAC maintenance and repair services available at the most affordable prices. They will give your needs, requirements, and budget the appropriate consideration when they recommend a course of action. They’ll also be able to implement the solution effectively.

Does The Company Offer Emergency Services?

Problems with HVAC systems aren’t limited to regular business hours. The company you choose must have high-quality emergency HVAC installation, repair, and replacement services. It should be available whenever you need help no matter when that may be. A company that has been in business in the same community for many years has managed to do so by providing help on your schedule, not theirs. Companies like that believe in building strong relationships with their customers, and they will continue to take care of you far into the future.

What Kind of Services are Offered?

The company you select should offer all the services you might possibly need. That way you don’t end up calling for help it can’t provide. It should provide repair services, but it should also provide preventive services and share advice and tips for keeping your system in good working order between visits. Ask about the services the company provides. Do they check shut-off valves? Do they check hot water radiators? Do they clean heating registers, vents, and ducts? Your HVAC system is a complex system, and it requires a company capable of meeting the challenges of keeping it working for you. You also deserve a company concerned with your best interests.

Do You Run Background Checks on Technicians?

When you invite someone into your home, you have to know that person is a trustworthy individual. Before you schedule any sort of appointment with a company, ask if background checks are completed on their technicians and other representatives. Do they perform regular and unscheduled drug tests? Do they pay attention to the reviews customers give on the people they send to your home. Check its references and the comments of former customers. You need to be comfortable in the knowledge that the company you call cares about you enough to go the extra mile in ensuring your family’s safety.

Reasons to Have a Furnace / Heater Tune-Up

Reasons to Have a Furnace / Heater Tune-Up

You may remember the old fable about the ant and the grasshopper. All spring and summer long, the grasshopper had a wonderful time enjoying the easy availability of food while he mocked the ant for working hard and storing food for the future. When winter arrived and the food was gone, the grasshopper found himself unprepared and desperate while the ant was ready for the long cold spell ahead.

That lesson applies to many things in our lives, from keeping your car’s oil changed regularly to yearly visits to your doctor to check on your own health. It also applies to being sure your heating system is ready for winter well before the first cold snap catches you unprepared.

As autumn arrives, you’ll hear heating professionals talking a lot about having your furnace maintained, and you may ask yourself, “Is a tune-up really necessary?”

The answer to that question is a simple “Yes, and it’s worth every penny of the money spent because the cost of maintenance is far less than the cost of a potential repair or even replacement.”

Saves WarrantyMost manufacturers’ warranties require consumers to properly maintain their HVAC systems to keep their warranties valid. This is perfectly understandable. After all, a warranty is in place to cover unpredictable defects the machine might have, not to cover parts and equipment that breakdown due to poor maintenance and neglect.

Saves EnergyA heating system with any sort of airflow restriction won’t run smoothly. It will also use more energy and cost you more money. On the other hand, clean, properly performing heating systems work more efficiently. They require less energy to run, and they’ll keep you and your family warm all winter long with lower electricity bills.

Saves You from Headaches and FrustrationA furnace and heater tune-up ensures your furnace will turn on and run properly. In Texas, an unexpected cold snap can happen anytime between September and Thanksgiving. When that happens, you want to be confident that your furnace will run the way it’s supposed to run and warm the way it’s supposed to warm. Anything else is unacceptable.

Saves MoneyAs in many things we encounter in life, it all comes down to money. An inefficient HVAC system can cause you to pay your electrical company by hundreds and potentially thousands of dollars each year that you wouldn’t be spending with an efficient and effective system.

In addition, having your system regularly inspected can eliminate having to shell out thousands of dollars because your warranty was voided due to neglect. It can prevent costly — and preventable — repairs down the road.

Saves LivesPerhaps the most important thing a tune-up does, however, is check for carbon monoxide leaks in your system if it uses gas. Carbon monoxide is a silent killer that needlessly kills or sickens hundreds of people each year. Modern-day homes are so tightly sealed, carbon monoxide that leaks into your house can’t escape, and that puts you and your family at a high risk of exposure.

“Carbon monoxide poisoning is relatively common, resulting in more than 20,000 emergency room visits a year in the United States. It is the most common type of fatal poisoning in many countries. In the United States, non-fire related cases result in more than 400 deaths a year.” – Wikipedia

As you can see, the benefits of having a winter furnace/heater tune-up far outweighs the expense. Give yourself the peace of mind of knowing your heater will function properly and your family will be safe this winter. To schedule your tune-up, contact us through this website. We look forward to hearing from you.

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