What Causes an AC Unit Not to Blow Cool Air

Aug 24, 2022

Your air conditioning system is responsible for delivering cool air throughout your home. Thankfully, a typical HVAC system will last around 15 years before it needs to be replaced. However, it’s made up of several components that can break down along the way and shorten its lifespan. Unfortunately, catching these issues isn’t always as easy as your unit shutting off.

Sometimes symptoms pop up around or inside your home that can signal the need for repairs. So, how do you know if your AC is doing its job correctly? Our experts at Hobson AC have the answers. Keep reading to find out ways to be sure your AC is maximizing its efficiency.

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3 Common Signs Your AC Isn’t Working Correctly

If you notice these common signs your AC isn’t working correctly, you should call a professional HVAC technician to inspect and repair or replace your system:

  • Warm air
  • Irregular cooling cycles
  • Foul odors

Warm Air

Warm air can mean several things in the AC world. While it may be an easy repair like restoring your fan or fixing thermostat functions, it can also signal the need for serious repairs like managing refrigerant leaks and electrical wiring in your HVAC system. Serious issues should be handled by professionals because electricity and chemicals are dangerous and can be deadly.

Irregular Cooling Cycles

The size of your unit can impact its cooling cycles. While an AC unit being too small for a room or home is a problem, one that is too big also causes issues. A unit that is too large for your home will shut off before a full cooling cycle is up because it reaches the intended temperature too quickly. This allows the room to heat back up before the next cooling cycle starts.

Irregular cooling cycles can also be due to a safety feature on your unit. A modern HVAC system may cut a cooling cycle if it detects voltage that is too high, in order to protect you and your family from electrical fires. Window air conditioners are often sold in 110-volt models, while central air systems need double the power to operate. 

Foul Odors

Depending on which strange smells your AC unit is emitting, it can mean different issues. Musty odors that have a hint of woodiness often signal mold or mildew growing in your unit, while a dirty sock smell likely indicates the need for a filter change. However, some odors can be dangerous, like a gas smell.

If you smell gas in your home or coming from your air conditioning system, you should open as many windows as you can and quickly call your local fire department to inspect your home for a potential gas leak. Gas leaks can poison humans and animals and cause fires in your home.

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When your air conditioner unit stops blowing cool air, it can be a frustrating experience that makes you question why it’s malfunctioning. However, the answer to why your HVAC system is spouting warm air is a bit more complicated. After all, there are various reasons your air conditioner may have given up on its daily duties. Our experts at Hobson AC, compiled a list of five reasons your AC unit is not blowing cool air and how to fix it.

5 Reasons Your AC Unit Is Not Blowing Cool Air

If your unit is failing to blow cool air, you may have a broken AC, your system could likely need air filter replacements, your AC condenser coil may be clogged, you could be experiencing a leak, or your AC thermostat may be the root of your problem. Keep reading to learn more about each issue and what you should do if you encounter it.

1- You Have a Broken AC

Major broken components in your air conditioning system can lead to full AC failure. If youe AC is over 10 years of age it can be a sign that your AC has reached the end of its lifespan naturally, it can also be caused by exterior damage to your AC unit. When your system experiences full failure, it may fail to stay on or turn on at all, or it may continue running when you attempt to turn it off. You can attempt repairs to fix the issue, but getting fast affordable repair or replacement is the answer

2- Your System Needs Air Filter Replacement

Opposite to a full AC replacement, an air filter replacement is one of the easiest and most straightforward repairs. When your AC system’s filter is clogged with dirt, dust, and debris that it removed from your circulating air, this can cause airflow issues in your system. Airflow negatively impacts refrigerant delivery, leaving your system to freeze up and your home to get hot. To fix this issue, it’s important to schedule seasonal maintenance to keep your unit clean and effective.

3- Your AC Condenser Coil is Clogged

Similar to dirty air filters, clogged condenser coils stop your unit’s refrigerant from performing its duties correctly. When this happens, hot, dirty air is trapped in your system and circulates back into your home. Your condenser coil should be checked at least once a year to ensure it remains clean. Its components are easiest to maintain during your annual AC tune-up.

4-You Have a Leaking AC Unit

A leaky AC unit can also explain your system’s refrigerant-related issues. If your system is suffering from low Freon, it will blow hot air out of its vents. Professional refrigerant top-off services will fix your low Freon problem.

5- AC Thermostat Not Working

Is your AC thermostat not working properly? Sometimes the cause behind warm air isn’t a major issue in your AC system. A broken or faulty thermostat can alter your intended temperature, sending warm air into your home instead of cool. Replacing your thermostat can restore your cool air.

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