How to a Fix Noisy Window Air Conditioner

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One of the most common problems with window air conditioners can be unusual noises. Those noises can range from an annoying rattling sound to loud hums, and whether they are bearable or not, you should never ignore them. They can lead to serious issues resulting in costly or irreversible problems.

The type of noise usually helps identify the source of the problem, such as loose parts making noise, but it’s always a good idea to call a professional when you start hearing noises that normally don’t go along with the normal operations of your window unit. The air conditioning repair specialists at Comfort Experts are prepared to give your window unit a once-over and determine not only the cause of your problem but the best way to handle it. Here are some of the things they will do.

Make Sure it is Installed Properly

One of the most common problems a window unit can have is improper installation. The vibration from an improper installation can cause your window unit to shake against the frame. Our experts will test the sturdiness of the installation and fix it immediately if that’s the problem.

Loose Screws

Vibration loosens screws, and loose screws can cause the entire unit to make rattling sounds. When the technician opens your unit, that’s one of the first things that will be fixed if it’s the source of the problem.

Coil Fins

When coil fins are clogged with dirt, they can make an irritating noise. Professionally cleaning the coil fins ensures the fins are in proper working order, and that will also make them quieter. Bent fins can also cause a loud hum, and straightening them with a fin comb fixes that problem.

Check the Fan Blades and Motor

When your window unit makes a grinding sound, a possible cause may be insulation or something else is stuck to the fan. To check that, the fan needs to be inspected to ensure it spins properly. Uneven fan blades can also cause a problem, and they may need to be replaced if that occurs. Lubricating the fan motor will also cut down on noise if the motor housing is not permanently sealed.

When it comes to maintaining your home comfort with a window unit, remember that everything mechanical and electronic needs to be inspected regularly to ensure it’s working properly. When it isn’t working the way it should, give Hobson AC a call.

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