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Common Plumbing Issues to Look For

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Common Plumbing Issues

Keeping an eye out for plumbing issues and seeking repairs when necessary will keep your system operating at its full potential. Foul smells emitting from your plumbing system are one of the most obvious signs something is wrong. However, other seemingly insignificant plumbing issues can be a sign of more serious plumbing problems. Keep reading to learn more about the three common plumbing issues you should be aware of, so they don’t harm your system.

3 Common Plumbing Issues to Look For

Our Hobson AC experts compiled a list of three common plumbing issues to look out for. Common issues like a clogged drain, backed-up sink, and plumbing leaks can lead to or be indicative of a bigger plumbing tribulation.

1- Clogged Drain

It’s easy to be presented with a clogged drain in your plumbing system. In your kitchen, it’s common for food debris and grease to get stuck in your sink’s drain. When it comes to your shower drain, it usually accumulates hair and soap scum. Clogged drain issues are especially dangerous because one clogged drain can spread and cause all your drains to overflow. Our plumbing services can help relieve your clogged drain with a snake system or drain clearing chemicals.

2- Backed Up Sink

Compounding on your clogged drain issues, drain obstructions can lead to a backed-up sink. When your sink backs up and fills with stagnant water, it can release foul-smelling odors and attract flies. Experiencing a backed-up sink in your kitchen impedes your ability to prepare food and wash dishes effectively. In the bathroom, a backed-up sink can stop you from brushing your teeth properly and presents an added danger around your electrical appliances.

3- Plumbing Leaks

Even small plumbing leaks can quickly accumulate hundreds of dollars worth of water waste. If you notice a foul odor, bulging and discolored parts of your wall, and a sudden increase in your monthly utility bills, you likely have a leak present in your plumbing system. Plumbers can identify sewer leak positions through the smoke testing and pipe camera inspections.

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