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Mar 1, 2022

The average lifetime for an HVAC system in Weatherford is 15 to 25 years, but there are several factors that will determine how long your system will last. In addition to considering the quality of the system you buy, you will also have to consider how heavily you use the system and how well you care for it.

Scheduling an HVAC tune-up once or twice per year is essential for maintaining your system in good condition. The tune-ups will help you keep your unit functioning well, and your HVAC technician will catch problems earlier. 

Your AC Unit is Producing Excessive Condensation

Many people may become concerned if they see condensation forming in their cooling system. Before you become alarmed, you can learn more about this phenomenon. Here are a few answers to common questions to help you determine when to call for professional HVAC help.

Is it Normal to Have Condensation in My HVAC?

It’s normal to see some condensation in your air conditioner. This moisture will be captured in the condensate pan and exit the home through the drain tube. However, a failing unit may produce excessive amounts of condensation. 

How Long Does AC Condensation Last?

You will likely see condensation in your air conditioner for as long as you operate the system. Once you turn off your cooling system, condensation should dry up within 24 hours. If it takes longer than a day, this is another indication that there’s a problem with the air conditioner. 

How Do I Stop Condensation in My HVAC System?

There isn’t much you can do to stop condensation from forming. However, if you observe excessive condensation, you should contact an HVAC contractor. They can inspect your system to determine the underlying cause. This might involve a broken condensate pump, dirty air filter, or clogged drain tube.

Your HVAC technician can repair the problem to reduce the amount of condensation your unit produces. This will leave your system operating more efficiently and help you avoid water damage in your home. 

Air Isn’t Cold Enough to Cool Your Home

There are several reasons your HVAC unit isn’t cooling your home adequately. You might need to have your refrigerant level recharged, or there may be a problem with your compressor requiring an AC replacement.

If the unit is older, there may be multiple causes for your system’s inability to provide cool air.

The Air Is More Humid

If you notice more humidity in the home, you will need service for your heating and cooling system. If humidity is building up, take that as a sign that there’s something wrong with the unit. 

You Hear Unusual Sounds Coming from the System

While your system won’t be completely silent, it also shouldn’t be making loud noises. An unusual sound when the system starts a new cycle might indicate problems with the blower motor, a loose fan, a broken belt, or another mechanical problem.

In some cases, an HVAC tune-up will resolve these issues and restore the efficient operation of your unit. If the problem requires more extensive repairs, your HVAC technician can provide an estimate for the repairs. You will have to decide whether it’s better to repair the unit or opt for a replacement if your system is too old to continue using. 

Need a Repair or Replacement?

When you do need to replace your HVAC system in Weatherford and surrounding areas, contact Hobson AC. We can help you explore the best energy-efficient models that fit your budget. Even after you buy your new heating and cooling unit, we’ll be there to install it and start it up for you.


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