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Most Common Culprits of Poor Indoor Air Quality

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A lot goes into making your home comfortable. When you think of air conditioning, you automatically think of room temperatures. Is it warm enough in the winter? Is it cool enough in the summer? Proper comfort levels exist because of temperature control, but it’s also important t have the right humidity levels, as well as good air quality. Most people don’t know that it’s not unusual for the air within their homes to be far worse than the air outside. That’s because homes are built more tightly, and what’s inside the house tends to stay inside the house. Poor indoor air quality can result in chronic illness and other discomforts, especially if a household member has asthma or allergies. Hobson AC offers a free air quality analysis to determine the quality of your indoor air.

Second-hand Smoke

Tobacco smoke is made up of both gaseous pollutants and particulate matter, and most air filters and even air purifiers aren’t designed to remove gaseous pollutants. In addition to the pollutants in your homes air from second-hand smoke, those pollutants settle on every surface within your home – walls, floors, ceilings, windows, furniture, and even your clothes. Studies have shown little benefit from air purifiers. The only way to prevent second-hand smoke from affecting your indoor air quality is to keep it outdoors to start with.


Mold comes from having high humidity levels within your home. Mold attacks the quality of your indoor air, and it can make life miserable for those with asthma or other respiratory problems. High humidity levels in your home can come from a variety of sources, including water leaks. Finding the source of the increased humidity may help you discover a solution to having mold in the home.

Other Allergens

Pet dander and plant pollen are common allergens affecting indoor air quality. Regular vacuuming and dusting will help alleviate this problem. Wiping down your poets after they’ve been outside and keeping your shoes near the door can help as well.

Carbon Monoxide

Carbon monoxide is odorless, colorless, and extremely dangerous. If you have an attached garage, it can enter your home from having a running car with the garage door closed. Carbon monoxide also comes from tobacco smoke, fossil fuel-run space heaters, and defective central heating furnaces. If there’s any one thing you must keep in mind, it’s the fact that you can get very sick and even die from prolonged exposure to carbon monoxide. If you suspect you have a problem, leave your home immediately. Contact a professional to check your home’s air quality before returning.

What We Can Do

Hobson AC is concerned about the safety and health of your family. That’s one of the reasons we’re in business. We’ll be glad to discuss air quality issues with you, and we’ll also create a plan for improving your home’s air quality if we discover problems. Many issues can be resolved easily and inexpensively. Give us a call!

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