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You use your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system for more than maintaining a comfortable temperature in your Crowley, TX, home. The heating and cooling system also helps purify the air, eliminate humidity, and protect your loved ones from harsh weather conditions. 

You’ll want to ensure your system is running efficiently all year long for these reasons and more.

In Crowley, Hobson AC has been a family-owned small business for more than three generations. We understand the importance of giving your loved ones a comfortable and safe environment. You can trust our certified and skilled technicians to provide you with the maintenance services that will extend the life of your HVAC system.

We Know the Importance of a Heating Tune-Up in Crowley, TX

When you need a heating tune-up, you need an HVAC contractor with a broad range of skills. That’s why our team includes qualified electricians and plumbers. These skilled experts check your heating system’s gas lines and electrical wiring. 

A faulty heat exchanger or clogged burners can lead to gas buildup in the chamber. These components will be inspected and cleaned during your heating tune-up. Our technicians also look for shorts in the electrical system, lubricate the blower motor, check the belt’s tension, and adjust the fan for better operation during the tune-up. 

The maintenance check will also include an inspection of the thermostat. In many cases, a miscalibrated thermostat is to blame for problems that seem to be related to the HVAC system’s operation. Modifying your thermostat—or replacing it with a newer model—often resolves these issues and saves you money on energy usage.

Is it Time for an AC Tune-Up in Your Crowley, TX, Home?

As your trusted HVAC contractor, Hobson AC can also help you prepare for the warmer months. A spring AC tune-up will help get your cooling system ready for heavy use. 

The tune-up includes an inspection of every component to ensure everything is in good working order. If our technician notices a problem, they will discuss it with you and offer repair solutions.  

The tune-up involves checking the air filter and providing a clean one if necessary. We also check the condensate tray and drain tube—this is the ideal time for our technician to clean sludge out of the tube to prevent blockages. We’ll also service your blower motor and fan for optimal operation.

Every air conditioner tune-up includes servicing the exterior unit or air conditioner condenser. The technician will remove the exterior housing and clean the vents if necessary. 

Once the housing has been removed, our experts will inspect the wiring, hoses, and fan motor. We will also check the evaporator coils and refrigerant level before replacing the housing.

Know When It’s Time for a New Heating or AC Replacement

Our air conditioning and heating services also include providing new heating or AC installation when that time comes. 

When you do need a new heating and AC replacement in your Crowley home, we can help you choose the type of system that’s perfect for you. We’ll make sure the model you purchase will be sufficient to treat the air in your home without wasting energy.

You might need a new heating or AC installation when you observe any of the following factors:

  • Increased amounts of dust in your home
  • Higher energy bills
  • Frequent cycling of the HVAC system
  • Loud noises or unusual odors coming from the system
  • Insufficient heating or cooling

You will also know it’s time for a new unit if your current system is significantly older. The average age lifespan for an HVAC system is 15 to 25 years. If your system is within that range, or if you’re unsure how old it is, it may be time to consider buying a newer model. Don’t wait until a major breakdown leaves you without heat or air conditioning!

You should also consider investing in a newer HVAC system if your current system requires frequent repairs. Weigh the cost of a new system against the amount you’re paying in repairs from month to month. If the repair costs continue to mount, a new system with a manufacturer’s warranty may be the better option.

Turn to Hobson AC for All of Your HVAC Needs

When you need air conditioning and heating services in Crowley, contact Hobson AC. We provide a free estimate and the highest quality in service to meet your needs. Call us today, whether you need a tune-up, repairs, or a new HVAC installation!

Call, click, or come by and say hello. Hobson AC is here to help.

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