Common Plumbing Issues to Look For

Common Plumbing Issues to Look For

Keeping an eye out for plumbing issues and seeking repairs when necessary will keep your system operating at its full potential. Foul smells emitting from your plumbing system are one of the most obvious signs something is wrong. However, other seemingly insignificant plumbing issues can be a sign of more serious plumbing problems. Keep reading to learn more about the three common plumbing issues you should be aware of, so they don’t harm your system.

3 Common Plumbing Issues to Look For

Our Hobson AC experts compiled a list of three common plumbing issues to look out for. Common issues like a clogged drain, backed-up sink, and plumbing leaks can lead to or be indicative of a bigger plumbing tribulation. 

1- Clogged Drain

It’s easy to be presented with a clogged drain in your plumbing system. In your kitchen, it’s common for food debris and grease to get stuck in your sink’s drain. When it comes to your shower drain, it usually accumulates hair and soap scum. Clogged drain issues are especially dangerous because one clogged drain can spread and cause all your drains to overflow. Our plumbing services can help relieve your clogged drain with a snake system or drain clearing chemicals.

2- Backed Up Sink

Compounding on your clogged drain issues, drain obstructions can lead to a backed-up sink. When your sink backs up and fills with stagnant water, it can release foul-smelling odors and attract flies. Experiencing a backed-up sink in your kitchen impedes your ability to prepare food and wash dishes effectively. In the bathroom, a backed-up sink can stop you from brushing your teeth properly and presents an added danger around your electrical appliances.

3- Plumbing Leaks

Even small plumbing leaks can quickly accumulate hundreds of dollars worth of water waste. If you notice a foul odor, bulging and discolored parts of your wall, and a sudden increase in your monthly utility bills, you likely have a leak present in your plumbing system. Plumbers can identify sewer leak positions through the smoke testing and pipe camera inspections.

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What Causes an AC Unit Not to Blow Cool Air

What Causes an AC Unit Not to Blow Cool Air

When your air conditioner unit stops blowing cool air, it can be a frustrating experience that makes you question why it’s malfunctioning. However, the answer to why your HVAC system is spouting warm air is a bit more complicated. After all, there are various reasons your air conditioner may have given up on its daily duties. Our experts at Hobson AC, compiled a list of five reasons your AC unit is not blowing cool air and how to fix it.

5 Reasons Your AC Unit Is Not Blowing Cool Air

If your unit is failing to blow cool air, you may have a broken AC, your system could likely need air filter replacements, your AC condenser coil may be clogged, you could be experiencing a leak, or your AC thermostat may be the root of your problem. Keep reading to learn more about each issue and what you should do if you encounter it.

1- You Have a Broken AC

Major broken components in your air conditioning system can lead to full AC failure. If youe AC is over 10 years of age it can be a sign that your AC has reached the end of its lifespan naturally, it can also be caused by exterior damage to your AC unit. When your system experiences full failure, it may fail to stay on or turn on at all, or it may continue running when you attempt to turn it off. You can attempt repairs to fix the issue, but getting fast affordable repair or replacement is the answer

2- Your System Needs Air Filter Replacement

Opposite to a full AC replacement, an air filter replacement is one of the easiest and most straightforward repairs. When your AC system’s filter is clogged with dirt, dust, and debris that it removed from your circulating air, this can cause airflow issues in your system. Airflow negatively impacts refrigerant delivery, leaving your system to freeze up and your home to get hot. To fix this issue, it’s important to schedule seasonal maintenance to keep your unit clean and effective.

3- Your AC Condenser Coil is Clogged

Similar to dirty air filters, clogged condenser coils stop your unit’s refrigerant from performing its duties correctly. When this happens, hot, dirty air is trapped in your system and circulates back into your home. Your condenser coil should be checked at least once a year to ensure it remains clean. Its components are easiest to maintain during your annual AC tune-up.

4-You Have a Leaking AC Unit

A leaky AC unit can also explain your system’s refrigerant-related issues. If your system is suffering from low Freon, it will blow hot air out of its vents. Professional refrigerant top-off services will fix your low Freon problem.

5- AC Thermostat Not Working

Is your AC thermostat not working properly? Sometimes the cause behind warm air isn’t a major issue in your AC system. A broken or faulty thermostat can alter your intended temperature, sending warm air into your home instead of cool. Replacing your thermostat can restore your cool air.

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How to Be Sure Your AC is Doing Its Job

How to Be Sure Your AC is Doing Its Job

Air conditioning provides comfort in the most uncomfortable weather, but like everything with moving parts and electrical components, it can wear out. Here are some tips to help you avoid that headache.

Check the Cables

We’ve all had times when fixing a problem was as simple as checking to see if the system is plugged in. Air conditioners don’t have traditional plugs, but they can sometimes trip a breaker. If your system goes down, check its breaker and flip it back on. If it goes off again, call a technician and leave it off.

Take a Good Look at Your Air Filters

It’s easy to forget your system’s air filter. It’s basically out-of-sight, so it’s also out-of-mind. Set up a reminder on your calendar to check it monthly. Replace it or clean it depending on the type of filter you’re using. As a side note, some filters have longer life spans and don’t have to be replaced as often, but know what its time frame is and put that on your calendar as well. Dirty filters can cause a number of problems for an air conditioning system, and they should not require professional assistance in changing.

Check the Fan Blower Belt

The fan that moves air through your system has a belt that can sometimes wear out or get loose. It’s best to replace it if it shows signs of age because a damaged belt can cause ice to develop, and that can lead to greater problems including the need to replace the system completely.

Make Sure the Thermostat Has Power

Another thing that’s easy to forget is your thermostat has a battery, and we all know batteries eventually need to be replaced. Check your batteries regularly, and replace them with new, high quality batteries. Cheap batteries can die too soon and inconvenience you more often.

Maybe It’s Simply Too Hot

Whether we like it or not, there are times when the outside heat is just too high for an older or incorrectly sized system. If your air conditioning system can’t keep your home cool, it’s quite likely it’s because it’s incapable of doing so. An air conditioning system designed for a smaller house will work itself to death trying to cool your home, but it’ll never accomplish the task. It may be time to set your discomfort aside and seek a better solution be calling a professional to assess your system’s capabilities and make a recommendation.